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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gillian Welch
Hell Among The Yearlings

Caleb Meyer 3:01
Good Til Now 3:53
The Devil Had A Hold Of Me 4:28
My Morphine 5:50
One Morning 2:39
Miner's Refrain 3:54
Honey Now 1:49
I'm Not Afraid To Die 3:25
Rock Of Ages 3:05
Whiskey Girl 4:13
Winter's Come And Gone 2:14

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Leading European Rabbi Warns: Europe’s Synagogues Are No Longer Safe Havens For Jews

From the Express:
Moscow’s Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis, was speaking at a conference called “Securing Jewish Communities across Europe”. 
He said: “At the back of almost every Jew’s mind is the possibility of what could happen. “Sadly, in Copenhagen, Brussels and in Paris, that has become a reality. 
“The Jewish community finds itself targeted from a number of directions: from the extreme right, the extreme left and Islamic terrorism.”
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Los Angeles Man, Harim Uziel: "You Guys Take Care of the Illegal Immigrants More Than You Take Care of the Little Homes Who Were Born Here"

I am a hardcore American patriot and a hardcore President Trump supporter. I found out that you guys were a sanctuary city. I grew up in the hood … and it’s a shame that you guys take care of the illegal immigrants more than you take care of the little homies who were born here, like myself…
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Who rules the United States?

There is no better explanation of the meta-struggle that is taking place politically in this country than this Washington Free Beacon article.

It presents a clear explanation of what the meta-struggle is and how the election of Trump did NOT cause it but EXPOSED it. Read the whole thing but here are some highlights and my editorial comments.

There are two separate systems of government now in competition with each other that have been going on for decades now and are finally exposed to the public by the election of President Trump.

The last few weeks have confirmed that there are two systems of government in the United States. The first is the system of government outlined in the U.S. Constitution—its checks, its balances, its dispersion of power, its protection of individual rights. Donald Trump was elected to serve four years as the chief executive of this system. Whether you like it or not.The second system is comprised of those elements not expressly addressed by the Founders. This is the permanent government, the so-called administrative state of bureaucracies, agencies, quasi-public organizations, and regulatory bodies and commissions, of rule-writers and the byzantine network of administrative law courts. (OTHERWISE KNOWN AS the Government-Media Academia Complex with its hand maiden of these elites - the bureaucracy) This is the government of unelected judges with lifetime appointments who, far from comprising the "least dangerous branch," now presume to think they know more about America's national security interests than the man elected as commander in chief. 
For some time, especially during Democratic presidencies, the second system of government was able to live with the first one. (and we are wells aware of that ‘cooperation’ – the Uni-party of donkeys and elephants) But that time has ended. The two systems are now in competition. And the contest is all the more vicious and frightening because more than offices are at stake. This fight is not about policy. It is about wealth, status, the privileges of an exclusive class. (The ELITES) But here's the difference. Legislative roadblocks, adversarial journalists, and public marches are typical of a constitutional democracy. They are spelled out in our founding documents: the Senate and its rules, and the rights to speech, a free press, and assembly. Where in those documents is it written that regulators have the right not to be questioned, opposed, overturned, or indeed fired, that intelligence analysts can just call up David Ignatius and spill the beans whenever they feel like it? "What truly matters," Trump said in his Inaugural Address, "is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people."By any historical and constitutional standard, "the people" elected Donald Trump and endorsed his program of nation-state populist reform. Yet over the last few weeks America has been in the throes of an unprecedented revolt. Not of the people against the government—that happened last year—but of the government against the people. What this says about the state of American democracy, and what it portends for the future, is incredibly disturbing.

Who rules the United States? The simple and terrible answer is we do not know. But we are about to find out.


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The One where the Washington State Trooper is suspended(?) for following federal law

THIS STORY got me thinking.
I’ve been thinking about this whole process.
If federal law REQUIRES that information about illegals arrested for felonies have their information and location transmitted to ICE and states INSTRUCT their employees to refuse to comply with the law ….
  1. Hasn’t SCOTUS already ruled that federal law supersedes LEGISLATED state law (let alone a policy from some boss)?
  2. Aren’t those instructing their employees to violate federal law engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct justice? (of SOME KIND?)
  3. Wouldn’t the entire force of the federal govt entering a state building to arrest on federal charges some Mayor, Police Chief, Governor be a REAL OPTIMAL WAY TO TEST ENDING SANCTUARY CITIES/STATES?
  4. Wouldn’t illegal immigrants seeing this PROCESS unfold, draw the proper conclusions?
  5. Wouldn’t it make it an ideal moment to elucidate BOTH the policy for Dreamers and that our objections are to ILLEGAL immigration, not immigration, which we all still feel the same about … just like 1905?
Just askin’
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Chris Wallace Shows His Tail

When someone made a complete fool of himself in a dismaying manner, my grandmother, a feisty woman who hailed from the hills of East Tennessee, declared: "He really showed his tail."

On Fox News Sunday on February 19, 2017, Chris Wallace was in a state of high dudgeon:

Hey, Chris! Such a state of high dudgeon is warranted only when the Trump administration takes action against these fake-news "journalists."

Trump's words declaring that certain of the media are an enemy of the people are not action.

And, Chris, "methinks that thou dost protest too much."

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Why the Tweets are Necessary and Will Continue

There is a huge difference between an adversarial press and overt hostility.
In one, objective gaps between SUBSTANTIAL observations about MEANINGFUL subjects are probed relentlessly.
In the latter, every issue must be framed negatively, and pursued compulsively regardless of consequence.
While I felt the press despised Trump (was it WaPo who called Trump vile in a counter-endorsement of Hillary?) I did not feel they were a HOSTILE FORCE, although VILE is not a description an adversarial press uses, IS IT?
And then Reuters announced they were going to adopt the same standards for covering Trump that they use in places like Turkey and North Korea.
And then came on nearly the same day the ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ by KellyAnne Conway and the dual dementia twins of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi claiming respectively that Putin was a bad man because he had invaded Korea and then Pelosi firmly showed her sad disgust, telling us all, so sorry, but there was just no way she could work with PRESIDENT BUSH.
On Fox, BOTH stories were covered. On CNN? MSNBC? ABC? NBC? CBS? I never saw a second of the latter story. Shown once? 10 seconds vs how many KellyAnne bites?
Of course there was no Bowling Green Massacre, what there was, was the arrest of two massacre wanna be perps who had ALREADY KILLED AMERICANS in Iraq and had snuck into the USA via our ‘secure vetting’.
Finally, yesterday, after the Meet The Press’s, Chuck Todd master tweet that the President of the USA was UN AMERICAN, and Trump, per usual, responded with a harder slam ..we had John McCain featured all day on CNN, and the lead story on the pages of all the news webs sites, of CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS, and MSNBC.
Not getting the same level of play? Rand Paul
I think Senator McCain’s perspective is colored by his disagreements with President Trump on foreign policy. If I were to look at foreign policy, I would say John McCain has been wrong on just about everything over the last four decades.
Which, of course, reminds us all of McCain’s fabulous judgment posing with the ‘moderate’ Free Syrian Army some of whom turned out to be ISIS, and Al Nusra, kidnappers and allies of same. His denial ~’we would never KNOWINGLY do that’.
Backup HERE,  HERE and HERE.
So why wasn’t this judgment fiasco played along with McCain’s statement about Trump’s nascent, seminal dictatorship behavior? Because every issue must be framed negatively, and pursued compulsively regardless of consequence.
To what end?
And by the way, if the press is a HOSTILE ENTITY to the president, what are they to his voters? How would they recommend those who put such a man in office be dealt with?
Venn diagram on that? But I don’t want to sound like Fareed Zakaria, or Don Lemon, or Brian Stelter or feel fear in my bed that a Chuck Todd might want to deal with me as unAmerican via some ‘proper’ means.
The way the stories are chosen (the most important component), framed and then repeated ad nauseum in ‘panels’ characterize that every issue must be framed negatively, and pursued compulsively regardless of consequence.
Trump’s tweets REFOCUS the discussion.
Trump’s tweets REFOCUS the objective.
Trump’s tweets destroy the objective of FREEZING THE TARGET
Trump’s tweets push a negative so hard it becomes a positive
Trump’s tweets make the opposition feel vulnerable even though there is no bite (IT’S THE USA)
Trump’s tweets are a tactic that a LOT of people enjoy
Trump’s tweets force the press to live up to their own rules
Trump’s tweets exist outside the entire expert experience and book of how the press deals with the president
Trump’s tweets make the press feel as if he has some weird power, and they don;t understand how that works


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City of Angels

Jaco Pastorius, bass;
Othello Molineaux, Leroy Williams, steel pans;
Toots Thielemans, harmonica;
Mike Gerber, piano;
Kenwood Dennard, drums;
Ted Leand, guitar;
Don Alias, Oscar Salas, percussion

Recorded in 1982. Never on any album that I know of.
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