Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Europe's Islamofascist invasion virus

Herbert London wrote about the toll all the Muslim interlopers in Europe are taking on the continent, and how Germany's politicians have screwed up royally:
Roberta Flack, years earlier, sang what has become the Europeans theme song, “Killing Me Softly.” Despite the reported wilding spree of at least a thousand North African refugees who groped women at the New Year celebration in Cologne, Germany, despite allegations of two rapes, despite condemnation by Prime Minister Merkel, the mayor of the city has requested that women monitor their “code of conduct.” Apparently German authorities will contest to their last breath that tolerance dedication will not yield. This is the tolerance that kills, softly at first and violently in time.

What Germany represents is a continental death knell in which tolerance trumps personal safety and even survival. Compassion is the sentiment of the day. Yet it is hard to imagine inviting one million citizens into the country who are not assimilable with many on the public dole. This is one of those rare moments in history when people are paid for bad behavior.

Much of the chaos Germany now endures was predictable. After all, many Muslim men treat woman as inferior, mere objects for their sexual delectation. The Koran endorses the proposition that a woman has half the rights of a man in any legal proceeding. Nonetheless, the compassion crusade goes on.
If they intend to pay welfare (or jizya) to these invaders, then that too will confirm socialism hasn't worn off in one of the countries that made the worst use out of it.
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Turkey’s Erdogan Threatened to Flood Europe with Millions of Muslim Migrants

From Reuters:
The account of the meeting, in English, was produced in facsimile on the website. It does not state when or where the meeting took place, but it appears to have been on Nov. 16 in Antalya, Turkey, where the three met after a G20 summit there. 
“We can open the doors to Greece and Bulgaria anytime and we can put the refugees on buses … So how will you deal with refugees if you don’t get a deal? Kill the refugees?” Erdogan was quoted in the text as telling the EU officials. 
It also quoted him as demanding 6 billion euros over two years. 
When Juncker made clear only half that amount was on offer, he said Turkey didn’t need the EU’s money anyway. 
The EU eventually agreed a 3 billion euro fund to improve conditions for refugees in Turkey, revive Ankara’s long-stalled accession talks and accelerate visa-free travel for Turks in exchange for Ankara curbing the numbers of migrants pouring into neighboring Greece. 

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What Obama Said At Baltimore Mosque

From Real Clear Politics:
If you seek to understand Barack Obama and his views, the best place to go is his speeches. But you have to read them in their entirety, not rely on hearing them or on the media's summary of them. When you do, you realize how often what Obama says is morally and intellectually confused and even untrue. 
The most recent example was his speech last week at a mosque in Baltimore. In addition to reassuring Muslim Americans that they are as American as Americans of every other faith -- President Obama spoke a lot of nonsense, some of it dangerous. 
President Obama: "So let's start with this fact: For more than a thousand years, people have been drawn to Islam's message of peace. And the very word itself, Islam, comes from salam -- peace." 
Why did Obama say this? Even Muslim websites acknowledge that "Islam" means "submission" [to Allah], that it comes from the Arabic root "aslama" meaning submission, and that "Islam" is in the command form of that verb. That's why "Muslim" means "One who submits," not "One who is peaceful." 
Obama: "Jefferson and John Adams had their own copies of the Quran." 
The reason Jefferson had a copy of the Quran was to try to understand it in light of what the Muslim ambassador from Tripoli had told him and John Adams. When asked why Tripoli pirates were attacking American ships and enslaving Americans, the Muslim ambassador explained that Muslims are commanded to do so by the Quran: 
"It was written in their Quran that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman [Muslim] who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to Paradise." 
That's why Jefferson and Adams had Qurans. 
Obama: "And how do we move forward together? ... It can't be just a burden on the Muslim community -- although the Muslim community has to play a role." 
Most Americans would say that the American Muslim community has to play "the" role, not "a" role in preventing violent Islam from capturing the minds of American Muslims, and in helping authorities identify extremist Muslims.
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Robben Ford
Live at Rockpalast

01. How Deep In The Blues 00:10
02. Later Climb 04:50
03. Indianola 09:00
04. The Way You Treated Me (feat. bass solo & drum solo) 13:30
05. Riley B. King 25:22
06. Don't Deny Your Love 32:25
07. Cannonball Shuffle 37:10
08. Too Much 41:50
09. Peace On My Mind 46:20
10. Lovin' Cup 53:35
11. Supernatural 59:00
12. There'll Never Be Another You 1:05:08

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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

How Gay Is Islam? Young Jewish man arrested for singing Ha Tikva on Jerusalem’s temple mount

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U.S. defense intelligence chief predicts increased ISIS attacks

From Yahoo/Reuters:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Islamic State is likely to step up "the pace and lethality" of its attacks in the months ahead as it seeks to fan the flames of international conflict, the director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency said on Monday. 
Speaking to a security conference, Marine Corps Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart linked his warning to the militant group's establishment of "emerging branches" in Mali, Tunisia, Somalia, Bangladesh and Indonesia. 
He also said he would not be surprised if Islamic State, which has created a self-proclaimed Caliphate across swaths of Syria and Iraq, extended its operations from the Sinai Peninsula deeper into Egypt. 
"Last year, Daesh remained entrenched on Iraqi and Syrian battlefields and expanded globally to Libya, Sinai, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Caucasus," Stewart said, using a derisive Arabic acronym for Islamic State. 
"Daesh is likely to increase the pace and lethality of its transnational attacks because it seeks to unleash violent actions and to provoke a harsh reaction from the West, thereby feeding its distorted narrative" of a Western war against Islam, he said. 
Stewart's comments came a day before he and other U.S. intelligence officials are set to deliver an annual worldwide threat assessment to Congress. 
The Sunni Muslim militant group seeks not only to escalate conflict with the West, but also with Islam's minority Shiite branch, just as Shiite extremist groups like Lebanon's Hezbollah are stoking tensions with Sunnis, Stewart said. 
"These threats are exacerbated by the security challenges of the Middle East, which is now facing one of the most dangerous and unpredictable periods in the last decade," he said. 
Islamic State has as many as 25,000 fighters in Syria and Iraq, down from a previous estimate of up to 31,000, according to a U.S. intelligence report revealed by the White House last week. 
U.S. officials cited factors such as battlefield casualties and desertions to explain the roughly 20 percent decrease in fighters, and said the report showed a U.S.-led campaign to crush Islamic State was making progress.
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Intelligence chief: North Korea restarts plutonium reactor

Intelligence chief: North Korea restarts plutonium reactor 
WASHINGTON — North Korea has expanded a uranium enrichment facility and restarted a plutonium reactor that could start recovering spent fuel in weeks or months, the U.S. intelligence chief said Tuesday in delivering the annual assessment by intelligence agencies of the top dangers facing the country. 
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that Pyongyang announced in 2013 its intention to refurbish and restart nuclear facilities, to include the uranium enrichment facility at Yongbyon and its graphite-moderated plutonium production reactor, which was shut down in 2007. 
"We assess that North Korea has followed through on its announcement by expanding its Yongbyon enrichment facility and restarting the plutonium production reactor," Clapper said in an opening statement to the Senate Armed Services Committee. 
"We further assess that North Korea has been operating the reactor long enough so that it could begin to recover plutonium from the reactor's spent fuel within a matter of weeks to months." 
Clapper also said that Islamic militants will continue plotting against U.S. interests overseas and homegrown attacks will pose the most significant threat from violent extremists to Americans at home.
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Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Talks To College Students About Trigger Warnings, Mansplaining, and Other PCBS

Triumph: I hear he (Bernie Sanders) is going to break up the banks.

Young Fat Boy: I think he should break up the banks.

Triumph: Well then, how are you going to access your parent's money?
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WTF? Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions

From the Washington Times:
The Pentagon is ordering the top brass to incorporate climate change into virtually everything they do, from testing weapons to training troops to war planning to joint exercises with allies. 
A new directive’s theme: The U.S. Armed Forces must show “resilience” and beat back the threat based on “actionable science.” It says the military will not be able to maintain effectiveness unless the directive is followed. 
It orders the establishment of a new layer of bureaucracy — a wide array of “climate change boards, councils and working groups” to infuse climate change into “programs, plans and policies.” 
The Pentagon defines resilience to climate change as: “Ability to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions and withstand, respond to, and recover rapidly from disruptions.” 
To four-star generals and admirals, among them the regional combatant commanders who plan and fight the nation’s wars, the directive tells them: “Incorporate climate change impacts into plans and operations and integrate DoD guidance and analysis in Combatant Command planning to address climate change-related risks and opportunities across the full range of military operations, including steady-state campaign planning and operations and contingency planning.” 
The directive, “Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience,” is in line with President Obama’s view that global warming is the country’s foremost national security threat, or close to it. Mr. Obama says there is no debate on the existence of man-made global warming and its ensuing climate change. 
Supporters of this viewpoint label as “deniers” any scientists who disagree.
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‘Send them all back’: Austrian chancellor demands EU border patrols return every migrant picked up trying to reach Greece to Turkey

The Chancellor of Austria has called for all migrants and refugees trying to reach Europe to be sent back to Turkey.
Chancellor Werner Faymann said border police should save everyone trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach the EU, but then immediately deport them.
He added that  Austria will extend its border controls if Turkey does not take back refugees picked on their way to Greece and returned.
Return policy: Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said border police should send all refugees and migrants trying to enter the EU back to Turkey as this is the only measure that would make enough of an impact
Faymann, the leader of Austria’s Social Democratic Party, said in an interview that sending back migrants and refugees to Turkey is the only measure that would make a radical enough impact.
‘Frontex [the EU’s border agency] must pick up the people fleeing to Greece. We have to save all of them, but then these people should be sent directly to Turkey,’ Social Democrat Faymann said.
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75 Year Old German Woman Interviewed About Her Experience With "Migrants"

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The term NEGATIVE INTEREST RATE is precisely why Lehman 2008 Occurred

Well, since we killed Glass Steagal, beginning with J Carter’s stripping of FDR’s redlining higher risk mortgages to protect banks, as racist, and then killed it off completely making savings banks and commercial underwriting operations one and the same (and it was sold at the time in order to make American banks more ‘competitive’) - we all know the orgy of ‘financial product’ invention, marketing and orgy of derivative products and the insurance industry this spawned (the movie follows the book almost exactly - which is a factual bio of the people who saw through it all).
We then bailed out the people who invented the worldwide disaster to the tune of $13,000 for every American family.

So now things have REALLY gotten so bad as a result of  (in order) the bubble, bailout, higher capital requirements of banks (killing loans), loss of confidence, loss of demand, loss of production, loss of savings and then loss of more loans, all of which required the fed to nearly STOP charging interest since while injecting (printing) $$ into the system … the Feds now want to CHARGE you for you HOLDING your money in a bank.

NEGATIVE INTEREST RATE. CDO, Credit default swaps, Tranche, Collateralized Security .. all terms which obfuscate the reality of the ‘product’ or action.

Telegraph UK:
The Bank of Japan joined the negative interest rate club at the end of January. Japan, along with Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the eurozone are effectively penalising commercial banks…. Negative rates, coupled with weak earnings growth in some of the world’s largest lenders, and concerns over new EU “bail-in” laws designed to force investors to take the hit from bankruptcies, all weighed on bank shares.
You may have heard this is ‘LIMITED’ to commercial banks, but this will have to be passed on sooner or later, and we all should remember CYPRUS, where desperate commercial and other banks levied private accounts because the govt could NOT bail them out, and the EU WOULD NOT..

I have been seeing articles for a week indicating this is REALLY under serious consideration, because these people are PETRIFIED it’s all going to go to pieces (right in front of a presidential election…AGAIN), and they will have BOTH an economic crisis (WORLDWIDE) and a political crisis. So their brians are screaming at them “DO SOMETHING”.

Ergo, this brilliant idea, which Americans who retain ANY confidence in banks will interpret as a ‘get all your cash the day it arrives by pay or from your 401ks safe deposit box stimulus program‘ or we will see the home safe and gun industries EXPLODE into the sunshine of ever more rapid growth.
The govt will get its wish of cash not laying around in banks doing nothing, and instead we will hoard every cent we can, away from the govt eye because we will be certain the next step or the one after that will be … COMPULSION.

Negative interest is already confiscation.

The banks have been named TBTF. This mean they CANNOT fail. This means the govt of the political class will act to ensure they do not.

One way or the other. They will BELIEVE in what they do. They will BELIEVE their own words.

You know, the Arab Spring.

Say, isn’t it funny where libertarian, true conservatism and Marxian verbage meet?

One hope is that some people think the Feds don;t have a legal basis for this

Fed May Lack Legal Authority for Negative Rates: 2010 Memo

But that’s never really been a problem for this current version of govt which exists by executive fiat, justified in its own head by lack of willingness to compromise with it, and depending on the opposition to stop them by court invention on behalf of that ‘flawed document’

This time, though, they are talking about something that white, black, asian, latino, muslim, christian, jew, zoroastrian, sikh, buddhist, and every bokononist cares about.

YOUR MONEY YOU GET EVERY 2 WEEKS. Your pension  and social security you get once a month.

Is there ANY confidence left in the the govt of the USA?
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Janis Joplin
Piece Of My Heart


Little Girl Blue

Ball And Chain

& Tom Jones
Raise Your Hand

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Monday, February 08, 2016

Zika virus can be purchased over the internet; origins linked to Rockefeller Foundation???

From Natural News:
We've now been able to confirm three astonishing facts about Zika virus (h/t to others in alt. media who initiated this line of investigation): 
1) YES, Zika virus traces its origins back to the Rockefeller Foundation. (More explanation below.) 
2) YES, Zika virus can be purchased online. We were able to find two suppliers who offer three different strains of the virus to qualified level-2 biohazard laboratories. 
3) It appears to be conceivable that a bioterrorist organization could set up a level-2 biohazard lab and use it to acquire Zika virus in a deliberate attempt to use it as a weapon against humanity. 
There do not appear to be adequate safeguards in the industry to prevent this from happening. Some of the alt. media have misreported the Zika virus as being "patented" by the Rockefeller Foundation. 
We have not been able to find any patent on the virus, but we have found numerous references to the virus being "isolated" by Dr. Jordi Casals who worked for the Rockefeller Foundation.
Take this one with a grain of salt.

I would imagine many viruses can be purchased online. Viruses need to be studied, and used to develop vaccines.

The question is not whether or not the virus can be purchased.  The question is, are there proper safeguards in place? Are those authorized to purchase viruses properly vetted.

That I doubt.

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French General Christian Piquemal arrested in Calais as Pegida protest turns violent

A former French general was one of the anti-immigration activists arrested at a small Pegida protest in Calais yesterday, it has emerged. General Christian Piquemal, who was in charge of the famous French Foreign Legion during the 1990s, was one of 20 protesters arrested after scuffles broke out during an anti-Islam rally near the Jungle, a makeshift migrant camp in northern France.

French authorities had previously banned the rally, which was one of several held across the continent in protest at what the far-right sees as the "Islamisation" of Europe. Around 150 protesters representing Pegida, an anti-Islam protest group with branches all over Europe, arrived in Calais, despite a moratorium from the French government on all protests in the town.

Thanks to Anonymous for this:

Vlad via LittleNotesFromParis
(scroll down)
An eyewitness, Mickael Paepe, to this malicious charade of "maintaining order" wrote this to Résistance Républicaine : 

I was at his side when Général Piquemal was brutally arrested

As agreed on the phone with your editor in chief, I herewith testify to what I saw at the event this February 6, 2016 in Calais.

I live this city, today devastated forever. I want to note that this is the first time that such police personnel and such repressive means have been deployed to a demonstration which was entirely peaceful.

At the last demonstration by migrants, No-Borders and antifa, these means were not used, while the statue of General (De Gaulle) was tagged, vehicles were damaged, and the port invaded, with hundreds of illegal intrusions into a ferry.

This time we had two water cannon trucks on site as well as many police personnel. Despite the absence of provocation on our part, CRS (Riot Police) attacked us with tear gas; we were charged with it three times.

General Piquemal, who was about to leave the demonstration after a call to the protesters to disperse, was arrested with incredible violence. 

I was with him, I was brutally pushed against the barriers, a man in his fifties, who was standing next to me, was knocked to the ground, falling and hitting his head forcefully on the pavement.

About twenty people were arrested and taken away by bus.I myself was taken to the side and arrested for a short while. A CRS (riot police) took my name and date of birth. After 15 minutes, I was released.

We then went in a small group (about thirty people) towards the police station to demand the release of General Piquemal. But when we arrived, a large number of police were waiting for us. Two water cannons had been brought there, the police barricaded their entrance doors and CRS (Riot Police) were positioned outside the doors.

After about 45 minutes of waiting, we left after the CRS had threatened us with arrest.

I note that the Cazeneuve (Minister of Interior) police are allowing migrants to attack Lorry drivers, police and Calaisiens with impunity, while uncompromisingly rebuking a hero of the nation, General Piquemal, and the nation’s patriots.

This is further evidence that the country is run by traitors.

Mickael Paepe
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Beyonce caps 8 years of a leader leading to division and now..

We are divided.

There will be those who say ‘we were always divided’ and ‘white privilege‘ and lack of a ‘safe space’ made it impossible to say this.


We either go where this experiment was meant for TOGETHER, with each of us granted the equal opportunity to fulfill our lives, or we creep along as separate groups filled with bitterness and hate until others in this world deprive us of the opportunity to creep.

Beyonce’s DISGUSTING Black Panther quasi BLM statement on the BIGGEST STAGE is something MLK would have made a statement REBUKING her over what she represented WITHOUT DOUBT.

DIVISION. Not conscience

This last eight years of bitterly increasing division began with voter intimidation over the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia and now draws to a close with Beyonce imitating the original Black Panthers.

I was 19 when Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood on the awards stand in Mexico City. I was old enough to understand EXACTLY the situation when Eisenhower called out the national guard and the army to ensure that Americans who were not white had EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

I don’t want to hear if you are born in Watts you can never have equal opportunity because I am from the Bronx you see in the old movies. The Bronx that looked like Berlin in 1945 by the 70′s.

But now we have been LEAD to be a nation which is divided into races, religions, special interests, economic strata, and grievances. A nation of micro aggressions and thought police. Of perpetual redress. A nation whose goals can be reached not by science, research, professional accomplishment, ambition and fulfillment, benevolence and faith, but instead a nation of Harrison Bergeron and the feeling that every complaint, criticism, objection, grumble, grouse deserves legal and social response and when it does not happen, the reason are race, religion, lack of privilege, blah blah blah, gender, lack of, or some other imagined DESERVED result.

I understand and am incensed by the APPARENT unjustified shootings of AMERICANS by what MIGHT be a FEW rogue cops. But the problem is not RACE. It’s identifying what makes up a rogue cop and ensuring we don’t hire them. It’s also teaching people if the cop says RAISE YOUR HANDS you do it and stand still. Then, if you believe yourself aggrieved you call the ACLU and raise hell.

But I cannot help feeling that this past 8 years we have had EXACTLY the wrong man to achieve E Pluribus Unum, and now we have a different, and very damaged nation, and some very large fires to attend to, which cannot be quenched so easily.

Especially after we have been LEAD TO BE DIVIDED.

And we are..

Now, especially by race.

Is there anyone who thinks Martin Luther King would have lead to this end?

And make no mistake, we were lead to this division, exactly as much as MLK lead us to be TOGETHER in this struggle.
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Somalia spokesman: Video shows laptop handed to bomb suspect

From the San Francisco Chronicle:
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Security video footage taken at Mogadishu airport shows two men handing what looks like a laptop computer to the suspected suicide bomber after he passed through the security checkpoint, Somalia's government spokesman said Sunday. 
At least one of the men delivering the laptop was an airport employee, government spokesman Abdisalam Aato told The Associated Press. 
The man who received the laptop is the suspected suicide bomber who was blown from the Daallo Airlines jet on Tuesday creating a gaping hole in the fuselage and forcing the plane to make an emergency landing back at the Mogadishu airport. 
It is believed the laptop-like device was the bomb that caused the explosion. 
The plane's pilot said that if the explosion happened when the aircraft was at a higher altitude it could have caused the jet to crash. 
"At least 20 people, including the two men in the CCTV footage who handed over the laptop to the suspected bomber, were arrested in connection with the explosion in the aircraft," said spokesman Aato. 
"It was a deliberate act of terrorism," he said. "Investigations are still ongoing." Somalia's government has said it will tighten security at the airport to prevent other threats.
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Sara Collodel
Barrios "La Catedral" Preludio

Barrios La Catedral Allegro Solenne

Un Paese A Sei Corde

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Sunday, February 07, 2016

"Migrants" Are Hunting Homosexuals in Berlin

From Vlad Tepes:
Brutal hunt at the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin 
Two homosexual men were chased by a bunch of migrants at the Kottbusser Tor. Two days ago, the Tagesspiegel did report about the escalating situation at Kottbusser Tor in Berlin, but they left out essential details. 
Only now it’s been discovered through a single remark in the Tagesspiegel, that three weeks ago at the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin Kreuzberg two gay men were chased and beaten with belts by an angry mob of arabic speaking men. On the video one can hear how the two men scream in panic. 
In the Tagesspiegel it was reported that, “in the past months it has become a daily occurrence that people are being surrounded, during which wallets, cell phones and hand bags are being stolen. If that won’t work, people are being beaten, sprayed with irritant gas, or knives are brandished. Several women are groped on their private parts, or beaten in the face – as happened two weeks ago. Or the victims would be chased hundreds of meters – as happened three weeks ago as an angry mob chased and beat two gay men with belts and kicking them as the two men were screaming in panic. There is a video of the incident.” 
The voices in the video of the person filming are commenting the event in turkish and they’re speaking of arabic men participating in the incident. That is why one can assume the offenders all have a migrant background.
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Europe Is Becoming Culturist One Nation At a Time, Finnish President Joins The Growing Gang

Culturist John Press is right. Everyone would be well-advised to read his book, Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.

From the Vlad Tepes Blog:

Below, a list of videos of other world leaders, past and present on the same subject and all within roughly the last 30 days.

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French police arrest retired general for marching with PEGIDA

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Former Agent Says, DHS Ordered Me To Scrub Records Of Muslims With Terror Ties, "I Can No Longer Be Silent About The Dangerous State of America's Counter-Intelligence Strategy"

From The Hill:
Amid the chaos of the 2009 holiday travel season, jihadists planned to slaughter 290 innocent travelers on a Christmas Day flight from the Netherlands to Detroit, Michigan. Twenty-three-year old Nigerian Muslim Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab intended to detonate Northwest Airlines Flight 253, but the explosives in his underwear malfunctioned and brave passengers subdued him until he could be arrested. 
The graphic and traumatic defeat they planned for the United States failed, that time. Following the attempted attack, President Obama threw the intelligence community under the bus for its failure to “connect the dots.” 
He said, “this was not a failure to collect intelligence, it was a failure to integrate and understand the intelligence that we already had.” Most Americans were unaware of the enormous damage to morale at the Department of Homeland Security, where I worked, his condemnation caused. 
His words infuriated many of us because we knew his administration had been engaged in a bureaucratic effort to destroy the raw material—the actual intelligence we had collected for years, and erase those dots. 
The dots constitute the intelligence needed to keep Americans safe, and the Obama administration was ordering they be wiped away. 
After leaving my 15 year career at DHS, I can no longer be silent about the dangerous state of America’s counter-terror strategy, our leaders’ willingness to compromise the security of citizens for the ideological rigidity of political correctness—and, consequently, our vulnerability to devastating, mass-casualty attack.
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Dearborn: FBI Says, Scuzlim Supports ISIS, Planned Attack On Church

Hard to believe, right?
Federal authorities are accusing a Dearborn Heights man of supporting Islamic State extremists and planning to “shoot up” a Detroit church. Khalil Abu-Rayyan, 21, hasn’t been charged with terrorism-related crimes but faces federal charges of illegally having a firearm while using a controlled substance. 
But a complaint unsealed Thursday in U.S. District Court reveals the FBI has been investigating him since May “regarding increasingly violent threats he has made to others about committing acts of terror and martyrdom — including brutal acts against police officers, churchgoers and others — on behalf of the foreign terrorist organization Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.” 
Besides allegedly using Twitter to express support for the terror group — often referred to as ISIS or ISIL — Abu-Rayyan reportedly told an undercover FBI employee about a plot to target a church. “I tried to shoot up a church one day,” 
Abu-Rayyan is quoted as saying in court records. “I don’t know the name of it, but it’s close to my job. It’s one of the biggest ones in Detroit. Ya, I had it planned out. I bought a bunch of bullets. I practiced a lot with it. I practiced reloading and unloading. But my dad searched my car one day, and he found everything. He found the gun and the bullets and a mask I was going to wear.” 
Investigators didn’t name the church Abu-Rayyan allegedly eyed, but claim the property covers about two blocks less than half a mile from his work and can accommodate up to 6,000 members. He allegedly purchased a gun and told an undercover FBI employee that attacking a church would be “easy.”
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Eminent Domain, Donald, more trouble than, well, ANYTHING else


Only the most EXTREME need of the public should justify the CONSIDERATION of using the public good as a reason for compelling the FORCED sale of private property.

Homes. Way of life. Dreams.

There is NO qualifying justification for the use of eminent domain in order to transfer the property to another private owner.

None. Zero. Forget it. Never. Find another parcel of land elsewhere.

There is VERY LITTLE justification for the use of eminent domain in order to transfer the property to the public.

None and very little.

Last night I heard Mr. Trump blithely explain the use of a eminent domain as just another tool of govt for the public good.

Then he said he had no position, or didn’t want to talk about it on Kelso v. New London to Fox after the debate when questioned.


This is a big one.

Here, in Maine, this issue is so serious that a small group of homeowners ‘in the way’ appear to have stopped cold the expansion of an interstate highway, and the public is backing them because everyone understands the issue.

It’s simple.


For the first time, Trump sounded JUST like a member of the political class. This election season is horrific, so far.

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The Rolling Stones
Hampton Coliseum December 18 1981

0:00:00 - Backstage
0:12:36 - Under My Thumb
0:17:49 - When The Whip Comes Down
0:23:10 - Let's Spend The Night Together
0:27:51 - Shattered
0:32:30 - Neighbours
0:37:04 - Black Limousine
0:41:16 - Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (Incomplete)
0:46:34 - Let Me Go (Incomplete)
0:50:45 - Time Is On My Side
0:54:58 - Beast Of Burden
1:03:02 - Waiting On A Friend
1:09:01 - Let It Bleed
1:16:23 - You Can't Always Get What You Want
1:27:41 - Little T & A
1:31:52 - Tumbling Dice
1:36:47 - She's So Cold
1:41:07 - Hang Fire
1:43:51 - Miss You
1:51:51 - Honky Tonk Woman
1:55:40 - Brown Sugar
1:59:17 - Start Me Up
2:04:07 - Jumpin' Jack Flash
2:12:47 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

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Saturday, February 06, 2016

US Gov Grants? $296 M. went to Lutherans since Obama took office! - The same guys who want to bring in 100,000 refugees

Separation of Church and State?

Fuck that!

From American Resistance:
Here (below) is Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service which resettles refugees in your towns and cities and also agitates for amnesty for illegal aliens. 
LIRS is lobbying (with your money!) as we speak for 100,000 Syrians to be admitted to the US before Obama leaves office. 
Prepare to be shocked!  Since August 2008, this one ‘religious’ non-profit received $296 MILLION dollars from you in 143 transactions with federal agencies. (And, I will bet you LIRS is not the wealthiest!) 
Click here and see for yourself!

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Roger do I have to turn on CNN to see if I get a more FAIR AND BALANCED look at the republicans (who they might hold in equal contempt?)

When you watch MSNBC you don’t expect to see people confronted by their reporters over the fact that the darling, Bernie is running a campaign against billionaires whose events are being supported by other billionaires.
  • Soros
  • Lewis
  • Steyer
Frankly that’s ok, the billionaires have the same right we do, and we all know MSNBC is not about to make their viewers uncomfortable. FINE.

Likewise to Fox.

So here is their NON COVER. Again please remember I am UNDECIDED.


Today all I hear in a positive fashion at Fox is RUBIORUBIORUBIO. Ok. HE came in a solid 3rd in Iowa. There is a LITTLE evidence he is rising in NH and there is a debate, and then the vote on Tues, so it’s news.

SCHLAFLY UNLOADS ON RUBIO: ‘HE BETRAYED US ALL’Conservative icon calls media favorite 'lackey for the establishment’“Once he got elected, he betrayed us all,” she told WND. “He said he was against amnesty and against the establishment. And once he got in, right away, he became an agent of the establishment. And now, of course, he’s big for amnesty and letting all the illegal immigrants in. He betrayed us a number of times on that issue.”
Schlafly said she was startled at the magnitude of Rubio’s “betrayal” on amnesty.
“It was so public,” she said.
“He’s a lackey for the establishment now,” she said. “There’s no question they’re picking up as Plan B – or maybe Plan C in this election cycle, or whatever we’re on now – but he certainly is an establishment agent.”
Fox is covering the endorsements Rubio is getting but not these blasts.

Just now they headlined the ‘new competition Trump is getting in NH’.

I have gone over my GREAT reservations about Rubio on TPP/TAA and his McConnell position on that.

I like some things about Rubio especially considering the negatives of the others, but Fox’s INCESSANT Rubio cheer-leading is a huge turn off.

Roger do I have to turn on CNN to see if I get a more FAIR AND BALANCED look at the republicans (who they might hold in equal contempt?)

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In case anyone wonders what the economy does for HARD MILITARY POWER (MARCO RUBIO/TPP-TAA VOTE) here’s a ~30 day sample..

This is a sample of the advances in the last 30-45 days of NEW INTRODUCTIONS to the military forces of China. This is the direct output of funds generated by the manufacturing we sent to the lowest cost labor American manufacturing could find.

How Marco Rubio can talk about reinvigorating and expanding out military WITHOUT a GROWING, ROBUST American industrial base, with R&D, engineering and hard manufacturing seems either IGNORANT or disingenuous. Despite any ideological motives by conservatives over the PRINCIPLE of free trade, it has been in PRACTICAL OPERATION ****a disaster**** which has greatly exacerbated the imbalance in our national budget, and created a military shortfall given our responsibilities which is now all too obvious.

When you peruse these items below remember .. Our land based ICBM force is from the 1970′s, the Minuteman III,and we DESTROYED and discontinued by treaty more modern missiles.
Our Trident/Ohio class Missile subs are 30+/- years old, and we were built for that life span, but now we want them to reach 42 years because we can’t AFFORD to bring the replacement class into deployment sooner.

We still use the Trident missile of the 1980′s in those subs.

The premier air strike weapon of the Navy is the FA-18. 1980′s, non stealth
The main attack sub of the Navy, the Virginia class, is a $ compromise base on the sub the Navy wanted, the Seawolf and the main class we have is the LA 688 class. 70′s and 80′s design and production start.

The premier strike weapon of the Air Force the, B-2 is a product of the 1980′s

The new 3000 Ton Troopship is ready for commission for South China Sea Missions

PLAN commission of the day: Gaoyaohu Type 903 Replenishment Tanker
The PLAN commissioned its fourth Type 903A  Replenishment Tanker.   Gaoyaohu weighting in at 23,00 tons marks the sixth overall Type 903 class currently available for overseas missions.

Manufactured Island with Fighter/Bomber capable BASE, and TWO anchorages completed

A close up photo of China’s new ZTQ 105mm light tank

The second J-20 initial production copy, 2012, analogous to the US F-22 Raptor

China Coast Guard commission of the day: 3901, the 2nd “10,000 ton” cutter.

Here is a 10,000 ton American Ship:

Get it?
Haibing 722 Icebreaker launches

PLAN Commission of the day: Type054A FFG532 Jing Zhou

China offers latest FT-series precision-guided bombs for export
With the release of the improved FT-3A, FT-6A, and FT-7 variants earlier this year, Aerospace Long-March International Trade Co Ltd (ALIT), an intermediary subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science & Technology Corporation (CASC), is now promoting the complete Fei Teng (FT) series of precision-guided bombs (PGBs) to the international market.


The Type 901, at 45,000 tons, will be one of the world’s largest naval supply ships, capable of rearming, resupply and refueling Chinese warships on the high seas.


This satellite photo shows a test facility at the Chinese naval research facility in Wuhan. Speculation is that it is the prototype for the Chinese EMALS catapult system, which would be equipped on future Chinese carriers (Type 002?).

China Type 1130 CIWS Gatling Cannon at China Defense Forum
Type 1130 CIWS
The Type 1130 CIWS, with 11 30mm barrels, is the largest Gatling cannon in the world, firing up to 11,000 rounds a minute (that’s nearly 200 rounds a second). Its designers say that it can shoot down 90% of incoming supersonic missiles. But it could be replaced by shipborne railguns, which would protect Chinese warships against future hypersonic threats.

Type 055
The second batch of Chinese Type 055 destroyers will likely feature railguns, starting in the 2020-2025 timeframe. A 32 megajoule railgun on the Type 055 destroyer would be able to launch a ten kilogram projectile over a 100 nautical miles away, with the impact energy of medium artillery. Railgun ammunition can be guided, and programmed to explode over a target, destroying soft targets like parked aircraft and missile launchers.

Marco Rubio, RECANT YOUR TPP/TAA VOTE which benefits ONLY the bottom line of huge corporations, and NOT THIS NATION.

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Friday, February 05, 2016

Here's Your Future

The Thermals

God reached his hand down from the sky
He flooded the land and he set it afire
He said fear me again and know I'm your father
And remember that no one can breathe underwater
So bend your knees and bow your heads
Save your babies, here's your future
Yeah here's your future!

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Stage Fright 2005

[0:00 Start] 0:33 - Dr. Rock 4:07 - Stay Clean 6:54 - Shoot You In The Back 10:10 - Love Me Like A Reptile 14:39 - Killers 18:45 - Metropolis 23:34 - Over The Top 26:08 - No Class 29:36 - I Got Mine 34:42 - In The Name Of The Tragedy 38:52 - Dancing On Your Grave 43:18 - R.A.M.O.N.E.S. 45:42 - Sacrifice (+ Drumsolo) 53:27 - Just 'Cos You Got The Power 1:01:00 - Going To Brazil 1:03:20 - Killed By Death 1:08:28 - Iron Fist 1:12:53 - Whorehouse Blues 1:17:16 - Ace Of Spades 1:21:51 - Overkill

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Free Trade as Conservative Ideology FAILS UTTERLY: Chicago Stock Exchange Says It’s Being Sold to Chinese-Led Group

The Chicago Stock Exchange said a Chinese investor group agreed to acquire it, giving the buyer entry into the intensely competitive U.S. equity market.
Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the company, according to a statement Friday, which didn’t give financial terms. The exchange said the deal is expected to close in the second half of the year, though that will require regulatory approval.
“We’re a good fit. Our strategy is something they like and is consistent with theirs,” Chicago Stock Exchange Chief Executive Officer John Kerin said in a phone interview. “We provide technology and we’re a standalone, full-service exchange that they can grow in a manner that suits their needs.”
The Chicago Stock Exchange – a subsidiary of CHX Holdings Inc. – is minority-owned by a group including E*Trade Financial Corp., Bank of America Corp., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co., according to the company. The minority shareholders are also selling their stake, Kerin said.
The acquisition would be the first of a U.S. exchange by a Chinese company. The 134-year-old bourse, which handles about 0.5 percent of U.S. stock trading, would give the buyer a beachhead in the $22 trillion American equity market, where regulations require trades to be routed to whichever exchange has the best price for a stock at a given moment.

Conservatives WAKE UP and do what Obama could never do.


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“the F-35 is not capable of unsupported combat against any serious threat”

Michael Gilmore, the Pentagon’s director of operational test and evaluation (DOT&E)
Digging deeper into the actual report, the F-35’s problems are extensive and span across all three variants of the aircraft: the “A” model for the Air Force, the “B” for the Marines (it can take off and land vertically, like the AV-8 Harrier), and the “C” for the Navy (carrier-capable). Particularly troubling are the admissions that weapons delivery accuracy (WDA) – can you fire or drop a weapon and have it hit what you’re aiming at – tests had to have their constraints altered to allow the aircraft to pass. (Emphases mine)
Eleven of the 12 [WDA] events required intervention by the developmental test control team to overcome system deficiencies and ensure a successful event (i.e., acquire and identify the target and engage it with a weapon). The program altered the event scenario for three of these events, as well as the twelfth event, specifically to work around F-35 system deficiencies (e.g., changing target spacing or restricting target maneuvers and countermeasures).
In plain language: they cheated. The report continues:
The performance of the Block 2B-configured F-35, if used in combat, will depend in part on the degree to which the enemy’s capabilities exceed the constraints of these narrow scenarios and the operational utility of the workarounds necessary for successful weapons employment.
Would you want to fly into battle piloting an aircraft that depends on enemy cooperation for you to complete your mission? The Marine Corps has declared their F-35 variant operational, and it seems like that’s what they’re asking their aviators to do. I’m sure our enemies will be completely cooperative as a spit-and-bailing-wire F-35 engages them. Jazz’s previous posts discussed the F-35’s poor performance in air-to-air combat, and the DOT&E report details those problems in the “flight sciences assessment” for the Air Force’s “A” version:
Testing of operational “dog-fighting” maneuvers showed that the F-35A lacked sufficient energy maneuverability to sustain an energy advantage over fourth generation fighter aircraft. Test pilots flew 17 engagements between an F-35A and an F-16D, which was configured with external fuel tanks that limited the F-16D envelope to 7.0 g’s. The F-35A remained at a distinct energy disadvantage on every engagement. Pitch rates were also problematic, where full aft stick maneuvers would result in less than full permissible g loading (i.e., reaching 6.5 g when limit was 9.0 g), and subsequent rapid loss of energy. The slow pitch rates were observed at slower speeds—in a gun engagement, for example—that restricted the ability of an F-35A pilot to track a target for an engagement.
This time, they tried to cheat, and even when handicapping the F-16 test adversary by loading it down with external fuel tanks, the F-35 flying clean still couldn’t wax the older plane’s tail. To make things worse, there’s a fuel system problem that affects the F-35 in any form and restricts the aircraft’s operating parameters to not exceed 3.0 g maneuvers – the plane’s design specification is for 9.0 g – until it burns off almost half of its fuel load! Sounds like the men and women who will be flying the F-35 should have faith in their ejection seats and bail out procedures. Well…
The program conducted two sled tests on the pilot escape system in July and August of 2015 that resulted in failures of the system to successfully eject a manikin without exceeding load/stress limits on the manikin…[T]he system failed to meet neck injury criteria.
These tests were performed with 103-pound (July) and 136-pound (August) manikins with sled traveling at 160 knots (184 mph). Consider for a second: the F-35 is a supersonic aircraft. Its testing scenarios – to say nothing of potential combat flights – are conducted at speeds much faster than 160 knots. How is this being addressed?
[T]he Program Office and Services decided to restrict pilots weighing less than 136 pounds from flying any F-35 variant…Pilots weighing between 136 and 165 pounds are considered less at risk than lighter weight pilots, but still at increased risk (compared to heavier pilots). The level of risk was labeled as “serious” by the Program Office based on the probability of death being 23 percent, and the probability of neck extension (which will result in some level of injury) being 100 percent. Currently the Program Office and the Services have decided to accept this level of risk to pilots in this weight range, although the basis for the decision to accept these risks is unknown.
For the slight of stature – including otherwise combat-qualified female pilots – tough, you can’t fly an F-35. What of heavier pilots? What of faster speeds? Both? The report is silent on those questions, but how can one not have doubts about any pilot’s survivability if they have to bail out?
The report contains damning result after damning result: software issues, maintenance issues, problems with the shoes necessary to be worn to protect the F-35’s low-observable coatings during servicing being too slippery and becoming a safety issue, Navy shipboard integration issues, and so on. There’s several on each and every page.
Regardless, the current plan is to move ahead with accelerated production of the F-35 – a “block buy” of up to 270 aircraft – before operational testing is completed and all the problems have been resolved. Oh, by the way, the DOT&E Annual Report also projects that most if not all of the current testing milestones won’t be reached by their already delayed dates and that testing is currently identifying new problems at a faster rate than the known ones are being fixed.
The F-35, and the potential “block buy”, isn’t just of questionable fiscal sanity: it may also be illegal (and the DOT&E annual report cautions as such). 10 USC §2306b reads as follows:
(a) In General.—To the extent that funds are otherwise available for obligation, the head of an agency (e.g., the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Air Force, et al.) may enter into multiyear contracts for the purchase of property whenever the head of that agency finds each of the following…
(4) That there is a stable design for the property to be acquired and that the technical risks associated with such property are not excessive.
The entire F-35 program, as it currently stands, is an excessive technical risk.

Every Republican candidate running right now has championed rebuilding our military and spending more on defense. With respect to the F-35, only Donald Trump has come right out and said the program should be cancelled. 

I don’t know if that’s the proper remedy, nor am I a Trump supporter, but more people in office and not had better start taking a serious look at this aircraft, its shortcomings, and what we’re spending on it. Most of the others in the GOP field haven’t brought up the F-35, but just over two years ago, newly-minted Iowa caucus victor Senator Ted Cruz visited the Lockheed Martin factory in Fort Worth, Texas where the F-35 is built and tweeted:
Lockheed Martin employs 13,700 of Senator Cruz’s constituents in Fort Worth, with a yearly payroll of $1.4 billion. The facility also claims $795 million per year in goods and services purchased from suppliers in Texas. Was the Senator referring to the F-35 program as a whole when he challenged, “Come and take it!”? I’ll leave that for you to evaluate.
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Cologne Sets Up “Safe Zones” at Carnival Celebrations to Protect Women From Migrant Rape

From the Telegraph:
Authorities in the German city of Cologne are to set up a “safe zone” for women during the annual carnival which begins next week, to avoid a repeat of the New Year sex attacks on women. 
The move comes after it emerged two asylum-seekers from Algeria are being held as suspects in the sex assaults. 
The Cologne carnival is one of the largest street festivals in Europe, and attracts more than 1m people to its main parade each year. 
There are concerns the large crowds could leave women vulnerable to the sort of attacks seen on New Year’s Eve, when police were havily outnumbered. 
The authorities plan to provide extra street lighting and set up a “safe zone” for women in the city centre, staffed with social workers. 
“We are aware these carnival days are a challenge for us to show that we have learned from the terrible events of New Year’s Eve,” Guido Kahlen, a city councillor, said.
The authorities are pretending this is "doing something about the problem".

In fact, it is kicking the can down the road.

Women will still get raped, but maybe they won't get raped at Carnivale, this year,  Maybe they won't get raped in such a high public profile manner.

That's the true goal of the authorities. Not to end rape, but to sweep it under the rug.

The German authorities are rape pimps to German women, serving them up to the "migrants".
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Probe of Somali Jet Blast Points to Suicide Bomber

NAIROBI, Kenya—A passenger who boarded a commercial plane in a wheelchair may have been a suicide bomber responsible for an explosion that tore a hole in the side of the jet as it took off from Somalia’s capital
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