Whenever Any Form of Government Becomes Destructive To These Ends,
It Is The Right of the People to Alter Or To Abolish It,
And To Institute New Government


Thursday, September 29, 2016


From Yahoo:
A New Jersey Transit train plowed into the Hoboken terminal during the Thursday morning rush hour, shortly before 9 a.m. 
Officials told ABC News that there were “multiple serious” injuries resulting from the crash. 
Images posted on social media show that the train severely damaged the station, leaving debris and twisted columns of metal in its aftermath.


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Ohio HONOR KILLING: Muslim Father Shoots Daughter in the Head — Twice While She Slept

Tahani Mansour - Accidentally Shot Twice In The Head By Her Moderate Muslim Father

You have to go to multiple news sources to get the whole story, but it's pretty clear what happened. Whether Mr. Mansour did this because his daughter was too Westernized, not a good enough Muslima daughter, piece of property to he and his sons, well, that remains to be answered.

Father claims it was an accident, even though he shot her twice in the head.

From Fox 19:
ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) – A 63-year-old father is facing murder, felonious assault, and domestic violence charges after Rocky River police say he shot his daughter twice. tahani-mansour Tahani Mansour was rushed to Fairview Hospital Tuesday morning. 
She died around 11 a.m., 10 hours after police say Jamal Mansour shot her. In front of a judge on Tuesday, he said it was an accident. 
The victim’s brother called 9-1-1 for help at 1:15 a.m. Tuesday. He told the operator his father just shot his sister in her room at the family’s home on Vine Court. This is how a portion of the 9-1-1 call went: 
Operator: “Go ahead sir.” 
Caller: “Yes, my sister has been shot. Please send an ambulance, please.” 
Operator: “OK, where has she been shot at?” 
Caller: “In her room.” 
Operator: “OK. Did she shoot herself? Did you see who shot her?” 
Caller: “No, my father shot her.” 
During the 911 call, the brother said that his father has diabetes. 
Police say the father shot his daughter twice in the head. 
“We don’t have a solid motive other than an argument occurred between a father and his daughter,” said Lt. George Lichman with Rocky River Police. 
Lichman says Tahani Mansour was one of six children. She lived at home with her parents and was the youngest child. 
“We had the fire department respond and do an evaluation, it turns out (the father) was not under any medical care at the time of the incident and since he’s been in our jail,” Lichman said, when asked about his health. 
The victim graduated from Rocky River High School, and went to Cleveland State. She had a doctor of pharmacy degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University. 
From AP:
ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (AP) — A suburban Cleveland man has been charged with murder in the fatal shooting of his adult daughter at the family’s home. 
Rocky River police say Jamal Mansour shot 27-year-old Tahani Mansour several times in the head during an argument early Tuesday. 
Police Lt. Bill Crates says detectives are trying to determine why the man shot his daughter, a licensed pharmacist, with a .38-caliber revolver. 
Jamal Mansour told a judge Tuesday it was an accident. Court records don’t indicate whether he has an attorney. 
He’s being held on a $1.5 million bond. The 63-year-old father and gas station owner was arrested at the home. 
Mansour’s wife and two other children also were there when the shooting occurred. 
Crates says Jamal Mansour has no criminal history.
From Fox 8:
Paramedics and police rushed to the home after the brother of Tahani Mansour reported that she had been shot twice while asleep in her bed. 
When asked to explain why the father would shoot his own daughter, family members blamed a medical condition; they said Mansour is a diabetic.
In other words, they gave no motive.

We are left to assume that's because they are covering for the fact that the Father was killing her because she violated their Muslim Honor and humiliated the Prophet.
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5 Jihad Terror Plots Foiled on French Riviera Since Nice Islamic Attack

From RT:
Authorities in France thwarted as many as five cases of terrorist plots that sought to target various sites, Prosecutor Jean-Michel Pretre said in a documentary titled ‘Deradicalized’ to be shown on France 3. 
"Several cases have been passed on to the anti-terrorism prosecutor in Paris. It was about religious sites, during certain celebrations, sporting events, stadiums, schools," said Pretre. 
The foiled attacks involved "people who started to articulate things that are rather precise about a type of target or even a specific target," the prosecutor was quoted as saying. 
On Monday, Pretre said that as many as 70 cases related to terrorism or radicalization had been investigated since the attack in Nice in July. 
France has been on high alert since the beginning of 2015 after a series of terrorist attacks hit the country. It declared a state of emergency after the November attacks in Paris which claimed the lives of more than 130 people.
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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Listen to the September 30, 2016 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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Cheryl Mills Given Immunity for Obstruction of Justice Even Though Evidence Shows SHE LIED ABOUT HILLARY'S SERVER SINCE 2010

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Arcan Cetin, the Cascade Mall Shooter, Voted in the Past Three Elections, Even Though He is NOT A CITIZEN

Mall shooter illegally voted in 3 elections...

From NBC King 5:
Federal sources confirm to KING 5 that Cetin was not a U.S. citizen, meaning legally he cannot vote. However, state records show Cetin registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the May presidential primary. 
Cetin, who immigrated to the United States from Turkey as a child, is considered a permanent resident or green card holder. While a permanent resident can apply for U.S. citizenship after a certain period of time, sources tell KING his status had not changed from green card holder to U.S. citizen. 
While voters must attest to citizenship upon registering online or registering to vote at the Department of Licensing Office, Washington state doesn't require proof of citizenship.
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Is Trump Alt-Right or Alt-Light?

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Obama Administration Admits, We Don’t Screen Refugees For Radical Views

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The emerging connections between the Muslim brotherhood and #NeverTrump

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The Extent Of Terrorist Activity Within Our Borders

No wonder FBI Chief James Comey just stated: “There will be a terrorist diaspora sometime in the next two to five years like we’ve never seen before”!

From Front Page Magazine...
Secret Report: Terrorists Running Wild Within U.S. Borders
Leaked document reveals the staggering breadth of domestic terrorist activity -- and the administration's cover-up.

... The government report itself is chilling.

“Known or Suspected Terrorist (KST) Encounters,” a Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) document obtained by Brandon Darby, editor-in-chief of Breitbart Texas, states that there were an astounding 7,712 encounters between terrorists and law enforcement officials from July 20, 2015 through July 20, 2016. The report is labeled, “UNCLASSIFIED/LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE.”...
Read it all HERE.

Obama's legacy, which Hillary Clinton will continue if she is elected:

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Humpday Blues

Toronzo Cannon
John The Conquer Root

Pretty Eyed Woman

Sweet Sweet Sweet

Bad Contract

If You're Woman Enough To Leave Me

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Stage 1: Infiltration - muslims move to non-muslim countries in increasing numbers and portray islam as peaceful. As the muslim population grows, cultural conflicts become more visible & muslims portray themselves as victims of racism, inventing the term 'islamophobia' w/efforts to classify it as a 'hate crime'. muslim reps (CAIR) file lawsuits for perceived discrimination...
===>for instance: 
keep in mind 
Breitbart: Censorship: Facebook Deleted 100,000 ‘Hate Posts, Insults’ in Just One Month

Are we recognizing a pattern here? Just another coincidence?

Stephen Coughlin Sept. 27 at OSCE

Stephen Coughlin OSCE intervention Warsaw, Poland 2016

EMISCO and the ONgoing Push Against "Islamophobia" by the OSCE via Gates of Vienna 9/26/2016
EMISCO = European Muslim Initiative for Social Cohesion

NYC – City Launches Advertising Campaign to Combat Islamophobia

NY City combats Islamophobia with social media campaign

Breitbart: Hacked Memos, George Soros Network hyped 'islamophobia'

CNN Twitter: We just launched new series on American Muslims in the age of ISIS and Islamophobia

TheAtlantic: What Islamophobia is doing to American children

Salon: Jews must speak out against Islamophobia

Slate: String of NY Attacks show the tie between Islamophobia and Misogyny

MichiganJournal: Why Women face the most Islamophobia

CBS: Activists March Against Islamophobia In South Minneapolis/ Minneapolis 9/18

NBC: Young adults speak out about encountering Islmaophobia

Time: How British organizations are tackling Islamophobia (6 mon)

AlJazeerah: Warmongering Islamophobia in the US 


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "They have 3 days left to keep the internet safe. W...": 

A few more links of interest to the topic of Islamophobia:

CAIR’s ‘Islamophobia’ List Is a ‘Hit List,’ Say Critics Americans are being marked for murder whenever their names appear on the annual list of so-called “Islamophobes” posted by the jihad-linked Council on American Islamic Relations, say two Americans on CAIR’s 2016 enemies list. 

MIT: Is Islamophobia accelerating global warming May 9, 2016

BareNakedIslam: "Common Core" is funded primarily out of Qatar

Saudi/OIC funded & initiated global JihadWatch.org: "Islamophobia" thought-crime scam

WashingtonFreeBeacon: White House Launches ‘Task Force’ To Combat ‘Violent Extremism’ Omits Reference To Muslim Terrorism, dated January 8, 2016

Official launch of thought police – 
Consider DHS.gov: Countering Violent Extremism Task Force Release Date: January 8, 2016 
“The federal government’s top priority is protecting the American people from all forms of violent extremism,” said Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch

This from the same character who earlier stated:
“The attorney general stated that her “fear” of the “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric… is my greatest fear.” - Loretta E. Lynch
via DailyCaller: 1:20 AM 12/07/2015

Consider familiarizing oneself with this 13 minute video discussing such ludicrous terminology as revealed by
Stephen Coughlin Moment: The “Countering Violent Extremism” Deception
The CVE, “Counter Violent Extremism”, was set up at the DHS with the assistance of the Muslim Brotherhood. Where we have the DHS, FBI or State Dept. engaged with the Muslim Brotherhood in CVE initiatives, these initiatives are

This must be how conscious people felt in 1933 who could not believe the craven idiots around them were so blind, venal, vacuous, greedy, short-sighted, brainless and ready to sacrifice their birthright for a mess of verbiage mirroring current cries of “Social Justice”, “Islamophobia, “anti-fascism”, “racism”, “equality”, ad absurdum/infinitum, - all the slimy crowbars of intimidation and tyranny 
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BREAKING: Two men seen removing undetonated bomb from suitcase left on Manhattan street 'by chicken shop terrorist' identified by FBI as 'Egyptian pilots who have left the U.S.'

UKDailyMail: Two men seen removing undetonated bomb from suitcase left on Manhattan street 'by chicken shop terrorist' identified by FBI as 'Egyptian pilots who have left the U.S.'
Two young men found the pressure cooker on 27th Street, Manhattan 
It was inside a rolling suitcase but they put it in a garbage bag, sources said 
They took the suitcase and left, having unknowingly deactivated the bomb  
The two men are not believed to have played a part in the explosions 
FBI believes it has identified the two men who are no longer in the U.S. 
Officials say they're Egyptian pilots who are presumed to be back in Egypt
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‘London is open’ Mayor Sadiq Khan vows to DEFY Brexit and offer City visas to migrants

SADIQ Khan is hoping to maintain the number of migrants entering London by implementing new visa plans for the capital when Brexit is finally put into motion. 
The London mayor said a team of business representatives were “working on a model that will ensure we can carry on recruiting and attracting talent”. 
When pressed on the issue of a separate work visa for migrants coming to work in the capital, Mr Khan said: “In principle I want to make sure that my job as the mayor means supporting businesses to grow and expand, encouraging business to come into London.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Says, "Brussels tricking Europe by making deals with cities for migrants"

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Orlando Terror Attack ‘Triggered’ by Pentagon Drone Strike

FBI withheld phone transcripts revealing Mateen’s motive


The domestic terrorist behind the Orlando nightclub massacre was motivated by a Pentagon drone strike in Iraq a month before the shooting, according to police transcripts made public last week.
Conversations between Omar Mateen and an Orlando police negotiator on June 12 were kept secret by FBI and local police until Friday. The secrecy contributed to misleading media accounts of the terrorist’s motives in the days after the killings.
The transcripts were released by Orlando police Friday after a Florida court hearing held in response to a lawsuit filed by several news organizations.
Mateen killed 49 people during the attack on the Pulse, a gay nightclub, and wounded 53 others. Police eventually stormed the club and killed Mateen in a shootout after talks aimed at convincing him to surrender failed.
During an exchange in the early morning hours of June 12, an Orlando Police Department negotiator identified only as “Andy” asked Mateen, who was speaking by cell phone from inside the club, to tell him what was going on.
“Yo, the air strike that killed Abu Wahid a few weeks ago… that’s what triggered it, okay?” said Mateen, who earlier in the conversation identified himself as a follower the Islamic State terror group.
“They should have not bombed and killed Abu Wahid,” the former security guard declared. “Do your fucking homework and figure out who Abu Wahid is, okay?”
Additionally, Mateen praised one of the bombers of the 2013 Boston Marathon, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and another domestic terrorist whose name was transcribed as unintelligible in the released transcript.
At other points, Mateen told the negotiator that the United States needed to stop all bombing in Iraq and Syria.
Initial reports from several news outlets reporting on the mass shooting variously described Mateen as gay, a “homophobe” and a “wife beater,” despite his having made claims of allegiance to the Islamic State.
The New York Times, for example, stated in an editorial three days after the shooting that the “precise motive [of Mateen] remains unclear.” The editorial then said it was “evident that Mr. Mateen was driven by hatred toward gays and lesbians.” Investigators later dismissed as a false claim that Mateen was driven to the killing spree by gay self-hatred.
The Orlando attack was the deadliest terrorist incident since the September 11, 2001, attacks. The FBI would later reveal it investigated Mateen twice but claimed there was a lack of evidence he was linked to Islamic terrorism.
The Orlando attack came just over a month after the Pentagon announced on May 9 that a U.S.-led coalition air strike killed Abu Wahib, a middle-level Islamic State military leader in charge of Iraq’s Anbar province on May 6.
Wahib was blown up along with three other jihadists in a drone strike on the car they men were riding in. The terror leader had been a high profile figure who appeared in several gruesome execution videos.
A defense official said the raid that killed Wahib employed a missile-firing unmanned aerial vehicle against the terrorist’s car. The fact that a drone was used in the attack also may explain the government’s reluctance to release the transcript.
The secrecy surrounding the transcripts of Mateen’s comments appears based on Obama administration fears that publicizing the jihadist’s statements would fuel further attacks.
The administration has sought to play down domestic ISIS-inspired terror attacks as disconnected from the Islamic ideology. The number of ISIS-linked attacks has increased over the past year.
FBI and Orlando police spokesmen declined to comment when asked why the full transcript was not made public earlier.
Heather Fagan, deputy chief of staff in the Orlando mayor’s office, said the transcripts were withheld by the FBI during the Joint Terrorism Task Force investigation and released last week.
“The Department of Justice and the FBI recently advised the city of the FBI’s determination that the 911 calls no longer need to be protected as their release would not compromise the ongoing investigation into the Pulse nightclub massacre,” she told the Free Beacon.
The FBI and Justice Department released a partial transcript of the calls June 20—eight days after the attack. But those transcripts made no reference to the Iraqi airstrike that killed Wahid, or the Boston Marathon bomber.
Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said during his first call with the crisis negotiator, Mateen explicitly stated U.S. involvement in Syria and Iraq motivated the attack.
“This fact differs dramatically and widely from the initial media and police reports,” he said. “It is important for us to understand why that was the case. If officials intentionally sought to downplay the threat from radical Islamic terrorism, that would not only be wrong, but would also be a disservice to the American public.”
Counterterrorism experts questioned the FBI’s failure to release the full transcript sooner and suggested it is part of U.S. government efforts to obscure the nature of the domestic terror threat.
Sebastian Gorka, a counterterrorism expert, said the 911 transcript “completely destroys” the White House policy narrative of so-called “lone wolf” terror attacks.
“Omar Mateen isn’t a random individual discontented from a broader conspiracy,” Gorka said, noting the terrorist’s claim of allegiance to the Islamic State ties him to a broader global jihadist movement.
Also, Mateen’s references in the transcript to the Islamic observance of Ramadan and fasting the day of the attack “flies in the face of the administration’s argument that these attacks are wholly disconnected from Islam,” added Gorka, a professor of strategy and irregular warfare at the Institute of World Politics.
“Justifying the attack as a response to our targeting of Abu Wahib, the ISIS head of the Al Anbar Lions, reemphasizes to reality that this is a borderless war in which the individual neutralization of high value targets will not bring us ultimate victory,” Gorka said. “Only the delegitimization of the ideology that men like Mateen adhere to can do that.”
Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra, former chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said the failure to release the Mateen transcript earlier highlights the government’s reluctance to expose the threat.
“It is very disappointing that information like this is consistently withheld,” Hoekstra said. “It’s a pattern that is deeply troubling and calls into question the FBI’s whole strategy of keeping America safer by hiding information.”
Said Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor who handled terrorism cases: “The catalyst for all jihadist terrorism is Islamic supremacist ideology and its agenda to impose sharia.”
“We remain willfully blind to this ideology, so we are increasingly vulnerable to attacks,” McCarthy added. “And by failing to expose and discredit the ideology, we fail both our security and our pro-Western Muslim allies at home and abroad.”
The transcript also reveals that Mateen used deception in his calls to police in an apparent effort to prevent SWAT teams from conducting a raid against his location. Mateen falsely told the negotiator that he had planted car bombs around Orlando and was preparing to outfit four explosive vests on hostages, which he described as similar to the suicide bomb vests worn by Islamic terrorists in the November 2015 mass shootings in Paris.
During the initial conversation, Mateen was asked his name and told the negotiator, “My name is I pledge of allegiance to (unidentifiable name) of the Islamic State.”
The FBI statement said the 911 calls made by Mateen would not be released “out of respect for the victims” of the mass shooting. It stated that Mateen wanted the United States to stop bombing in Iraq and Syria. The FBI said Mateen told police, “I’m in Orlando and I did the shootings” and that he pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.
A joint Justice Department-FBI statement issued June 20 included a partial release of the Mateen calls but did not disclose the details made public on Friday.
“The purpose of releasing the partial transcript of the shooter’s interaction with 911 operators was to provide transparency, while remaining sensitive to the interests of the surviving victims, their families, and the integrity of the ongoing investigation,” the statement said.
“We also did not want to provide the killer or terrorist organizations with a publicity platform for hateful propaganda.”
The statement went on to say that unreleased portions of the transcript that named the terrorist organizations and leaders “have caused an unnecessary distraction from the hard work that the FBI and our law enforcement partners have been doing to investigate this heinous crime.”
“As much of this information had been previously reported, we have re-issued the complete transcript to include these references in order to provide the highest level of transparency possible under the circumstances.”
The statement was referring to the first 911 call made by Mateen. The detailed calls to the police negotiator were withheld from release.
Police in Orlando released a number of 911 calls from victims in and around the club during the attack, but are withholding 230 calls made by victims to 911 emergency dispatchers under a law that allows keeping audio and transcripts secret when the calls involve a person being killed.


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They have 3 days left to keep the internet safe. Will Congress do it or not?

Joel Pollak and Frank Gaffney both note that it's just three days left till Obama could surrender away the internet to unreliable sources and form a disaster for everybody in electronics. It remains to be seen if Congress will act to prevent the disaster or not. And you can very well say that if the GOP reps won't do it, it'll be to their discredit for enabling something that could easily destroy a lot of hard work to make this a better world.

So what's it going to be with Congress? Are they going to prove themselves or not?
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Britain ‘could take 20,000 migrants from Italy’ as packed migrant centres face closure

Terrorist Diaspora Made Up of Widows and Orphans

From The Express:
“BRITAIN could face a fresh influx of up to 20,000 migrants as Italy’s interior ministry warns the country could be forced to close its reception centres. 
The ministry has said a budget shortfall of €60million could lead to crowded reception centres closing within a matter of weeks. 
If the closures go ahead, the migrants will be let loose and may be compelled to seek refuge in wealthier countries in northern Europe, including Britain. 
Italian government ministers warned months ago the number of migrants entering the country was becoming “unmanageable” as more than 132,000 migrants have sought refuge in Italy this year alone. 
As Italy warns its reception centres are at breaking point, the interior ministry hastened to add if migrants end up wandering the Italian streets, it “could create problems of public order because of the social tensions that it risks generating”. 
The majority of the migrants crossed via the Mediterranean Sea from the North African coast from countries including Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea. 
Italy is currently paying between 25 and 45 euros per day to feed and shelter a total of 160,000 migrants. And the government claims its budget is so overstretched that staff at some of the refugee centres have not received their salaries for more than six months. 
Giuseppe Guerini, president of Confcooperative, a federation of NGOs, said: “There have never been such serious delays in payment (to migrant facilities) and beyond the very high risk of no longer being able to provide assistance to asylum seekers, it also poses problems for the staff of these centres. 
“For more than six months, members of staff have not received their salaries. We’re at the point of collapse.” 
Interior minister Angelino Alfano revealed the Italian treasury would need to release more money in order to prevent the reception centre closures. 
The UN warned earlier this month that at least 235,000 refugees were waiting on the coast of Libya to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Italy.”


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So, have I missed anything?

Let's see, before I went back to get the start up going to design web sites, work on back end SQL, and IT service work:

  • Hillary Clinton was held accountable by the majority of the public for nothing
  • Legal immigrants from the middle east claiming to be involved in some obscure manner with LGBT were killing Americans
  • Obama was claiming via some tortuous path of statistical permuations things were actually good in the USA
  • Cops, somehow, were killing black men and riots over the confusing events ensued
  • Many Americans who happen to be black perceived that the cops WERE up for killing black men and many Americans  who happen to be white folks just did not see it that way, and  this divide was deepening and widening.
  • Trump was having his heretofore CLEAR twin (WINNING) messages of free trade (economy) and the border (security at home) make it's way from his head to the mindset of the public because he could not resist killing. with unlimited and public effort, any perceived assault on his way of life.
  • The media's panic and ensuing hysteria that their entire perception of reality was going to be rejected and that they themselves would find TV viewing (and ad revenue-and the lifestyles that resulted) greatly reduced, and that NYT, WaPo, Boston Globe LA Times readership would be greatly reduced, (and ad revenue-and the lifestyles that resulted), and that all the nice things which they cared about (and ad revenue-and the lifestyles that resulted) greatly reduced, RESULTED in a series of smears, some OUTRIGHT lies, innuendo increasing in frenzy and frequency.
  • Other nations were taking advantage of both the purposeful retreat of America and her influence, lack of care and effort by this administration in any meaningful way and abandonment of allies around the world on the seas and on the ground, and even in THIS HEMISPHERE
You tell me, have I missed anything?
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From the Federalist:
Several months ago, Target stores made an odd gamble. They risked alienating their primary customer base—moms with young kids—to win the praise of the transgender lobby. They announced their ill-conceived new bathroom policy on April 19, then recently announced their sales numbers for the first quarter since that policy. 
How did it pay off? 
USA Today reported that Big Red’s second-quarter earnings fell 9.7 percent and it “lowered its sales estimate for the rest of the year.” Reuters explained that net sales plummeted 7.2 percent compared to last year. 
New stores open for less than a year saw their sales decline by 1.1 percent, not a good trajectory for building an essential early customer base off the local buzz of a shiny new store in the neighborhood. 
The Wall Street Journal reported this is the first time Target sales have fallen at their more established stores in two years, and to expect further declines. 
CEO Brian Cornell told the Journal, “Our number one challenge was traffic, which affected sales in all of our merchandise categories.” 
Traffic—as in regular customers choosing to stay away from the store for some reason. 
Target officials blamed their earnings drop on “a difficult retail environment,” but it was not so difficult for others. As Target was reporting flagging sales, CNBC reported that “the world’s largest retailer got even bigger during the second quarter.” 
Big Blue enjoyed its largest sales gains across same-store comparisons in four years, an increase of 1.6 percent for Walmart’s American stores.
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Jamey Johnson and Alison Krauss
Make The World Go Away

For The Good Times

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THE PEOPLE DECIDE: Most Snap Polls Show Trump Won First Debate

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


During the debate, several comments mentioned it appeared that Hillary was reading from her notes and she appeared to pay less attention to Donald with short pauses between her ramblings.
Some lady on twitter made a great point.[Hillary wasn't thumbing through notes] You cant have your notes follow the exact order of the questions any other way. Hillary knew the questions!
Twitter: What's on Hillary's back? Microphone? Coughing prevention machine? Earpiece?
A former audio tech suggested it could be an in-ear wireless monitor but that's not to say they both had the SAME monitors.
Here is a photo of Trump's lecturn from the side and a glimpse of Hillary's lecturn.
Here is a snapshot of The post debate cleaner

who immediately collected Hillary's notes and slipped them into a brown folder

and then handed them off to Lester Holt?

No one appeared to collect Trumps notes in a similar fashion. Hmmmm.
Clinton received debate questions week before debate, according to sources 
The first presidential debate was held and Hillary Clinton was proclaimed the winner by the media. Indeed Clinton was able to turn in a strong debate performance, but did she do so fairly? Multiple reports and leaked information from inside the Clinton camp claim that the Clinton campaign was given the entire set of debate questions an entire week before the actual debate.

Earlier last week an NBC intern was seen hand delivering a package to Clinton’s campaign headquarters, according to sources. The package was not given to secretarial staff, as would normally happen, but the intern was instead ushered into the personal office of Clinton campaign manager Robert Mook. Members of the Clinton press corps from several media organizations were in attendance at the time, and a reporter from Fox News recognized the intern, but said he was initially confused because the NBC intern was dressed like a Fed Ex employee.
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New York: The City of Pussies

They elect DeBlasio as Mayor, and now this, just a week and a half after they were bombed by a Jihadist.

How fucking gay can you get?

NYC – City Launches Advertising Campaign to Combat Islamophobia

NY City combats Islamophobia with social media campaign 
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Switzerland bans Muslim women from wearing burkas in public...

Switzerland bans Muslim women from wearing burkas in public...
THE Swiss parliament has voted in favour of banning Muslim women from wearing the Burka in public. The National Council passed the vote 88 votes to 87 with 10 abstentions.
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You See the Way White People Do Ya? Clock Boy Mix

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NBC Crank Lester Holt Interrupted Trump 41 times, Hillary 7 Times …And Lied About His Positions

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Nathan Desai: Gunman who injured nine in Houston was wearing a Nazi uniform, MEDIA HAS EUROPEANIZED HIS SANSKRIT SURNAME, CHANGING IT TO "DeSai"

From Hot Air:
Law enforcement sources said that the shooter was wearing what appeared to be an antique German uniform with Swastikas on it. 
Montalvo said the gunman’s car was also found on Law Street, and that several weapons were found inside. Police spent hours searching the vehicle. 
Investigators also combed through the shooter’s apartment, where they found what appeared to be Nazi paraphernalia inside, according to a law enforcement source.
When asked if she believes the shooting was related to terrorism, [Houston Police Chief Martha] Montalvo said that she is not ready to say that yet. 
ABC 13 is reporting that Nazi paraphernalia was also found inside the black Porsche DeSai owned. 
NABC13 has confirmed that Nazi materials found inside the car registered to DeSai.
The media is now spelling Nathan Desai's name "DeSai", as if it is a French or Spanish name. They are trying to make it seem as if he is European.

I'm pretty sure the name Desai is Indian, or maybe Pakistani. I could be wrong. Please correct me if I am.

Desai's Linkedin page was taken down. But the Yelp page is still up.

Here's a screen shot:

Desai(pronounced [d̪eːsaːiː]) is an administrative title and surname derived from the Sanskrit words deśa- 'land' and pati meaning 'lord'.
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Lester Holt - The Third Debater

From Heat Street:

At tonight’s debate, Donald Trump faced off not just against Hillary Clinton, but against moderator Lester Holt.
The game of two-on-one saw Holt ask no questions about:
  • Hillary’s emails
  • Benghazi
  • The Clinton Foundation
While ignoring these issues, Holt grilled Trump on stop-and-frisk, the birther story, his comments about women, his many bankruptcies, why he hasn’t released his tax returns — and a host of other issues the media sees as unfriendly to the Republican candidate.
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My opinion:

Trump beat Hillary on the Economy and on Foreign Affairs. She dug in on her experience in negotiating the Iran treaty. That was a lose for her. She dug in on her need to tax and spend. That is a lose for her.

Trump did VERY VERY POORLY on the issue of Race. He was served up a big possible win there, and he did not explain his experience with the Mar-A-Lago Country Club in Palm Beach, FL, where HE INSISTED ON INCLUDING BLACKS AND JEWS AS MEMBERS at a time when such open membership was not nearly as common as it is today.

The fact that he did so poorly in framing what should have been an easy win for him is very sad. He is going to get HAMMERED mercilessly on race for the next three weeks. 


The only thing Trump has on his side when it comes to race (in the aftermath of his poor performance on this subject) is the fact that the American people, in general, are entirely sick of the subject.

In total, Trump won with his people. Hillary won with the media. We can only hope that the media OVERPLAYS IT'S HAND. They probably will.

The one good thing Trump did in this debate is mention the swing states and their issues repeatedly. He won himself one or two swings states tonight.

That is HUGE.

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Bill O' Reilly Has Trouble Pushing Through With His Usual Barrage of Useless Blather Because So Many Students Are Chanting "BUILD THAT WALL" In The Background

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Union Endorses Donald Trump

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Union Endorses Donald Trump…

NEW YORK, NY – Today, the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council, the official union representing 5,000 federal immigration officers and law enforcement support staff made their first-ever endorsement of any candidate for any elected office. ICE officers are responsible for interior enforcement of immigration laws within the United States. The President of the National ICE Council, Chris Crane, issued the following statement on the union’s endorsement of Donald J. Trump: 
“The men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are the last line of defense for American communities. Our 5,000 officers, underfunded and undermanned, are responsible for enforcing immigration laws in a nation of 320 million people. Our officers come into daily contact with many of the most dangerous people in the world – cartel members, gang members, weapons traffickers, murder suspects, drug dealers, suspects of violent assault – yet ICE Officers are unable to arrest or are forced to release many of the most dangerous back into U.S. communities due to unscrupulous political agendas and corrupt leaders.
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Terry Riley and Friends
In C

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Appoints Noted Climate Change Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition Team

Ace of Spades notes, sarcastically:
Well this doesn't sound very conservative at all. 
True conservatism consists of making soft, timid noises and then going along with the leftist-mediated narrative.
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Report: 2,000 Muslim teens “radicalized” by ISIS in France

From RT:
Around 2,000 teenagers have been radicalized by Islamic State propaganda in France, a security source told Le Figaro newspaper, adding that the number of girls embracing jihadist ideology is on the rise. 
Since the start of the year, security forces have identified 1,954 young men and women as Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist organization sympathizers, Le Figaro reported. 
An unnamed high-ranking security service official told the paper that the levels of radicalization among teens in the country have increased by 121 percent compared to January 2015. 
French mayor wants to kick all terror list suspects out of town Seventeen French youths have been killed fighting for the jihadists in Syria and Iraq, the source added. 
According to the official, 37 teens have recently been indicted in France on charges related to extremism and terrorism. 
Another trend worrying the authorities is the increasing number of teenage girls sympathizing with Islamic State terrorists, he said. 
The jihadists are preying on youths who have psychological problems, who experience difficulties at school, or who are going through a tough time due to their parents’ divorce, the source said. 
Special recruiting techniques employed by IS make those young men and women an easy target for the radicals, he added. 
Broadcaster BFMTV reported that in the first week of September alone four teens were arrested in France for establishing contacts with Islamic State. 
They were all recruited by Rashid Kassim, a 29-year-old Frenchman, who contacted teens through social media and encouraged them to stage terrorist attacks. 
Earlier this week, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that the terrorist threat in the country is higher than ever before. The minister added that 300 people have been arrested in France for links to terrorist activity since the beginning of the year. 
France has been on high alert since the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in January 2015 in which 12 people were killed, and the Paris assaults in November of that year, when at least 130 people were killed by Islamic State terrorists. 
This year the country was shocked by a tragedy in Nice on July 14 when a truck driven by an IS supporter plowed through crowds during Bastille Day celebrations, killing 84 people. 
Also in July, two Islamic radicals murdered Father Jacques Hamel in northern Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray by cutting the 85-year-old priest’s throat. 

Leaked FBI data reveal 7,700 terrorist encounters in USA in one year

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